mission, qualifications, team work, construction management, integrity

          A. J. SCHNOPP JR.,



We strive to enhance the character and integrity of our company as well as to provide the highest standard of excellence in the industry to our clients. We pride ourselves on our reputation for devoting the utmost attention to design and detail while offering the highest quality construction workmanship in the industry. By working closely with our clients, we are able to accomplish their short and long term goals with confidence in a professional business environment.


Our expertise is evident in the many projects we have completed over the years and gives testimony to our worthy qualifications. Our project base, which includes custom-built residential homes, medical facilities, art and entertainment venues, religious institutions, and commercial/industrial buildings, can be seen throughout Berkshire County.

Team Work

As contractors providing construction management services, we collaborate with all members of the project team: subcontractors, architects, consultants and owners/owner representatives to achieve goals, maintain critical construction milestones and keep the project on track. Our proactive approach is goal oriented and cooperative to assure the project is completed satisfactorily, on time and within budget. We take great pride in our ability to coordinate all elements of a project, identify priorities, set goals and problem solve which truly enhances the integrity of all of our projects.

Subcontractor Community

Based on a foundation of trust built over many years, we have established and maintained a very respectable relationship with the local subcontractor community. Our reputation is highly regarded by this community, thus yielding a climate of cooperation, communication and commitment among its fellow contractors.